stoner-gaze band from fayetteville, arkansas


premiere: The Airplanes - Away Too Long

I got an email lately from my buddy Andrew Donovan from Fayetteville, Arkansas telling me about this great solo artist he discovered randomly online, but Joshua Vest's music 

"Josh told me he’s been recording this stuff at home by himself and doesn’t have a live band yet. I replied and told him that if he needs a guitar player to hit me up. About a month later we had our first practice. The other members are Joel Paul, from the band Swimming, on bass and Rob Storms on drums. It’s a little poppier than [my project] Voyageurs.”

Get this one hot off the press on the Sndcld, and look for more singles and a bit of touring this summer. I can see these boys going far!


New project check it out

Livin the dream

Livin the dream


Exxon is calling ALL the shots in Mayflower, Arkansas. We were ticketed for a) Parking in a Prohibited Area and b) Interfering with a Government Operation. There is not a single sign on any of the property filmed (above) or pictured (below) which indicates the area has been sealed off. A single strip of red tape with the word: “DANGER” hangs between a few trees. That is all.

The officer on the right ripped my phone from my hands while I was filming, and drew down on me with a taser. I asked no fewer than twenty times that my phone be returned to me before they decided to let us return to our vehicle - where a citation was issued by Mayflower police as indicated above.

This area is literally 100 yards from a trailer where a little boy sleeps each night. His mother told us his asthma has been really bad for the last 2 weeks. North Woods homes were evacuated. The families who live nearest this marsh have not been evacuated. There is exponentially more oil in the marsh in their backyards than there ever was in the North Woods subdivision. The list of discrepancies goes on and on.


VOYAGEURS - The Distance

This Fayetteville, Arkansas outfit led by Andrew Donovan smoked out this stoned jam at the perfect temperature. The meat falls right off the bone, supple and juicy. I’ve already taken a second helping.

Get this b/w the equally excellent single “Upside Down” on their Bndcmp.

new jamzz up today

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